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We freight to all over the world The best logistic company, FAST and SAFELY!

Land Transportation

Our Advantages

  • We Are Trusted

    Our well over 25 years of experience and global partnership with major carriers, steam shiplines and experience in road transportation give us an edge that can be trusted

  • The Best Security

    All our services which include car shipping, sea shipping, air freight and land transportation come with monitored survelliance via our global tracking systems

  • 100% guarantee

    At Richadelo, we ensure maximum insurance coverage to put our clients' minds to rest. You are safe with us.

  • Quick Location

    Wth Richadelo, the world is a global village. Through our internet facilities, 24/7 phone lines, twitter and facebook page, we are accessible

Is your shipping option land transportation? Then, Richadelo Group of Companies is here for you. At Richadelo, our triangular or tripartite mode of transportation does not only cover air and sea but also land.

Within Toronto and beyond Ontario, we offer land/ road freight in conjunction with approved partners and a reliable and reputable overseas network. We are fully prepared to provide a seamless and efficient shipping solution to our clients. We deliver groupage, full-load, dedicated express vans and specialist escorted wide loads.

Our land transportation of commodities is less time-consuming, safe and flexible to suit the requirements of our clients. Whether it is a light or bulky consignment, within close proximity or a distanced delivery, our trained transporters will make sure to fulfill all your requirements under the specifications provided.

Along with the support of our partners, we make rigorous efforts to build a relationship with our clients based on integrity and reliability.

Here, we pride ourselves in our licensed, certified and insured team of drivers who traverse Canada, states in the US and other African regions, including Nigeria in order to meet our clients' needs.

We can move your goods from door-to-door and from port to the final destination with ease and under the best and safest security. This we do through monitored surveillance via our global tracking system to ensure safety.

With us, your goods are not just safe, you are.

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