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We freight to all over the world The best logistic company, FAST and SAFELY!

Sea Shipping

Our Advantages

  • We Are Trusted

    Our well over 25 years of experience and global partnership with major carriers, steam shiplines and experience in road transportation give us an edge that can be trusted

  • The Best Security

    All our services which include car shipping, sea shipping, air freight and land transportation come with monitored survelliance via our global tracking systems

  • 100% guarantee

    At Richadelo, we ensure maximum insurance coverage to put our clients' minds to rest. You are safe with us.

  • Quick Location

    Wth Richadelo, the world is a global village. Through our internet facilities, 24/7 phone lines, twitter and facebook page, we are accessible

At Richadelo Group of Companies, we recognize the peculiarities of ocean or sea shipping being the most common mode of transport for importers and exporters. According to research, a full 90% of every shipping takes this mode.

Hence, as a shipping company, Richadelo is equipped with modern techniques and technologies to ensure the safety of your cargos to any destination in the world and to meet your container services needs, be it a less than a container load (LCL) or a full container load (FCL).

We book and manage your ocean freight for you:
Full Container Load (FCL) or Less Than Container Load (LCL)

  • BreakBulk and Roll On/Roll Off
  • Full or Part Charters
  • Cross Trade
  • Delivery Term Options Incl. Door to Door, Terminal to Terminal
  • Regular & Reliable Sailing Schedules
  • Domestic & International Customs Clearance
  • Less than a Container Load (LCL)

You have the option of shipping less than a container load. The benefit is a lower cost by sharing a full container with other people’s goods that are shipping to the same port, and the same care and protection of using a container are maintained.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Containers are convenient for transporting your freight safely, tracking your shipment and having the piece of mind that your shipment is together and will arrive together at the final destination.

Please talk to us today about what type of container you need and if you have specific freight requirements. We stock all types, sizes, including different containers for the protection for your goods, such as temperature controlled and containers for oversized items.

We Manage the Entire Scope of Sea and Ocean Freight Logistics:
  • Manage the container loading and delivery – door to door or terminal to terminal.
  • Booking of vessel space with the best scheduling that has the best transit time.
  • Offer different crate and container sizes for shipping.
  • Cross Dock Management.
  • 24/7 monitoring and tracking.
  • Handle all cargo insurance, customs clearance and export documentation.
  • Where security, time efficiency and cost effectiveness is what you are looking for, consider Richadelo Group of Companies. Our partnership with major steam ship lines and stable guarantee of space save us the rigours of ocean shipping and puts our clients' minds to rest.

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