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January 31 2019

Cargo Insurance: Your Safety Anchor

  • Posted By Richadelo

Are you an importer or exporter? Do you ship large and regularly or occasionally? The insurance of your cargo is your safety anchor against all losses or damages.Hence, at Richadelo, our cargo insurance covers loss or damage of goods during shipment.

October 01 2018

5 Considerations In choosing an Air Freight Service Company

  • Posted By Richadelo

Are you a new customer in China or you’re trying to start up an international market, and it’s time to get serious about understanding how to get your cargo where it needs to go.These are five considerations for choosing an air freight company

October 05 2018

4 Important Documents in International Shipping

  • Posted By Richadelo

Whether you are an importing pro or a newcomer to the industry, there are four documents that will be required in order to get any business done: Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origins, Commercial Invoice, and Packing List. Without the four documents listed above, it is impossible to move goods and receive payment.

October 09 2018

Making a choice: Ocean Freight or Air Freight

  • Posted By Richadelo

When it comes to international shipping, there are two main options: ocean freight or air freight. Air freight is basically moving cargo in airplanes from point A to point B. Ocean freight means moving the cargo in ships, either in a full container (Full Container Load: FCL), or sharing space with other shipments in order to fill a container together (Less than Container Load: LCL).